Recent Sermon Series

Sometimes Christmas is hard.  Things like isolation, deceit and instability can make us feel “Grinchy”.
Do I trust God?  Am I trusting Him with today’s money?  Do I trust Him for tomorrow’s finances?
We all face opposition, sometimes from without, sometimes from within ourselves.  This three-week look at Romans 8 reminds us of our enduring victory.
It’s a digital and often individual world.  These four messages remind us all of just how much our being a part of the local church really does matter!
Why do people persecute Christians?  How can we gear up?  How can we endure?
David’s family was both Royal and regular.  We take a look at some of their struggles.
The tongue, knowing God’s will, the future, suffering…some of these take practice!
Serving, the Holy Spirit, prayer, worship.  These are always essentials for the believer.
This series looks at ways we can be of help when people are hurting and in need.
Abortion, sex, God as creator, we consider sanctity of life issues.
The angels, the shepherds, the prophets and us.  We all play a role in the coming of the King.

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